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Job offer * Be our p
Are you looking for a job or a permanent full-time work extra work?

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-Are you looking for job?

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*****urrently there are some vacancies forvall people live in people live in Germany, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan.

*for fFor more info. please contact us and send to us all your info, details, Cv. with your photos send direct to our E-Mail:

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for all

Be our partner ..Be our Agent & Representative in your city & country .
 I can help you, I have very good job for you*(as part time), you can work with me as  good agent and representative for my company( EGYPTIAN SOUVENIRS CO.) to work with me in your city and country, you will get good money for you . (welcome to Egypt&my city&home soon).Do you like learn Arabic language, or How make Egyptian cooking, I can help you..

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  From Egypt




Dear Sirs,


  We have pleasure to let you know about Egyptian products, we are a Manufacturer & Wholesaler, and Exporter of handcrafts items including: Hand made ancient Egyptian  Papyrus art paintings, statues, copper plates,Crystal,Lamps, perfume bottles (antique glass marbles-blown pyrex), ornaments, Accessories, jewelry :(pendants, amulets, silver, stone and other), Egyptian Jewelry,Costum Jewelry, Ethnic Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry- Pharonic Jewelry-Historic Egyptian Jewelry-Tirbal Jewelry-Imitation Jewelry- Wholesale Body Jewelry - Wholesale Stons Jewelry- Wholesale Silver Jewelry- Wholesale Crystal Jewelry- wholesale metals jewelry/accessories, copper jewelry,  and Wholesale Fashion Jewelry.inlaid jewelry boxes, cotton clothing (Egyptian women galabia, scarves, T-shirts, shirts, men socks, underwear, towels),Belly dancing costumes, accessories and music, scarves, wool clothes( sweaters),  natural leather goods (shoes, belts, gentlemen wallets, ladies purse, lady bags),Books, crafts, Egyptian gifts, furniture, Lamps, Rugs/Klim, hanging hand made carpets ( rugs), herbs, ancient antique and more.


  We are offering you our Egyptian products, which are of high quality at low prices.  We are working in exporting goods for many years ago; our company was founded on 8 th January 1989 so we have a good fame in such field.  We have a wide selection of products for you to choose from.  We can distribute our goods all over the world in retailer or wholesale way.  Our products have excellent sales potential in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.  We are sure that our goods will find a ready market in your country and territory. We are ready to receive orders for any amount of our goods and we  can deliver any quantities you order, you can order any quantity as you want. you will receive your package ( parcel) after just one week.

We have many years of experience in this field and we have well trained workers. This helps us better meed buyer's quality and delivery requirements. We ensure excellent quality and competitive price, we are working at a reduced profit magin.  Your order will be treated with special attention and care , that's our promise and we have been keeping that promise many years. 

  If you want to see our products, please send us and we will send the catalogue of goods and the price list.



Please, don’t hesitate to contact us today to join the list of our satisfied customers.  As we are entering into business relation with you, I am sure that we could initiate useful links, to help us to introduce our Egyptian products into the market in your city and country, we are Exporting all over the world, we would like expand our range of Export our Egyptian goods, we hope you will give us your full co - operation. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

   And hope we can build a long term business relationship in the near future. .


  We look forward to receiving your order and to serve you.


   Yours sincerely,


 Mohamed El-Sayad

   General Manager




*For more information and to get our colour illustrative catalogue. Please contact us on the following address :


Office: Mr. Mohamed El-Sayed, Egyptian Souvenirs, 43 Malik Faissal St., Mit Ghamr 35611, Dakahlia, Egypt.


Tel: 00 20 50 6951468




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 Welcome to the land of the EGYPTIAN ANCIENT CIVILIZATI0N, we invite 
you to visit our site, where you'll find the largest catalog on the net which includes 
over 500 items from a 
far place and old history 
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if any product in our site interests you particularly, please contact us for more information or pictures.
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Job offer * Be our partner ..Be our Agent & Representative in your city & country                         

Call phone Tel: 00 20 50 6951468

= supporting contact now:


Customer Support:

Customer service:

24 hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

'phone number LandlineTel: + 2050 6951468
*+Postal address:


                        * " We are always happy to assist you." *

Welcome to Egypt:for more info. please contact us: E-Mail:


Mr. Mohamed El-Sayad,


43 Malik Faissal Street Off Mecca El Mokarama Street,

Mit Ghamr 35611, Ad Daqahliyah,


TEL.: 0020506951468

Tel: 00 20 50 6951468


chat on skype name ID name:( Mohamed El-Sayad Mit Ghamr Dakahlia Egypt )